Dr. Reginald S. Screen

Hello, I am Reginald S. Screen, and I work primarily in the realm of leadership development and leadership/executive coaching. Since 2000, I have been helping leaders from the public, private, government and religious sectors become more effective, create extraordinary futures, build effective teams, and fulfill brilliant projects. I train, coach, mentor, speak at conferences, and consult, to help leaders be more effective and move towards mastery. I have a passion for helping leaders leverage their talents and gifts and assist them to release the dream that is burning within. I do all of this from a biblical worldview that honors both the Lord and your wiring.

This morning I woke up with the thought concerning the power of a clear and focus goal. In fact, did you know that God has wired you in such a way that your body and soul function best with a clear and focused goal? Think about this reality. Have you ever purchased something thinking this “something” (car, clothing, etc.) was unique? Then, once you have obtained this “unique something,” you discover that it is not so unique? In fact, everywhere you look now, you see your “unique car/dress/suit/etc.” What’s this discovery about? How could you not have seen this before? Here is how.

Human beings function, for the most part, on “autopilot.” Think about your drive to work. You past by how many traffic lights? Ten? Fifteen? Twenty? You thought about your trip at first; but now, you are on autopilot. One of the reasons we function on autopilot is our brains are presented with so many pieces of information during a day, if we focus on everything, we would simply be overwhelmed. So, we live in an autopilot mode most of the time. However, when we concentrate on a clear, definite, focused goal, we engage something called THE RETICULAR ACTIVATOR.

THE RETICULAR ACTIVATOR is the part of your brain the stays on alert. The reticular activator’s job is to make you notice some things and ignore other things. If you have a specific, focused goal of becoming an Executive Coach, for example, you will start seeing things you’ve never noticed before in the Executive Coaching field. You will start to see connections that you have never noticed before. All of the sudden, the Executive Coaching field is like the “unique car” that is showing up everywhere. Why? You have activated your reticular activator. Now, other things begin to fade into the background, and your clear, defined, definite, focused goal can be seen all over the place. It now appears that things and people are joining forces to make your new and focused goal a reality. All of a sudden, you are meeting the right people, or you just happen to sit in the right seat to hear a conversation that volunteers the exact information you need for a project. This is how the reticular activator works.

All these things are happening to you now because you have a clear, defined, definite, focused goal that has set up the conditions for your reticular activator to work on your behalf. That’s it! There is nothing magical about it. Our minds and bodies have been wired to work best, when we have are focused. Friends, you are fearfully and wonderfully made; and when you are clear and focused concerning exactly what you want to accomplish, your reticular activator goes to work automatically to help you get it.

So, what are your clear, defined, definite, focused goals today? In fact, because your reticular activator never shuts off, it’s best to write down your goals for the next day down on the night before. Helping you to focus is where a good strategic coach comes into play. For some of you, this will mean an Executive or Leadership Coach. For some, you need skilled in the non-profit arena. Some will need a Project Coach. And for others, it may be a Spiritual Coach or a Relationship Coach or a Life Coach. No matter your coaching needs, The 360 Integrating Coaching, Consulting, and Training Group is here to serve your needs. We can help you focus and meet you needs. You can contact us at 678.316.0534 or email us at jcharis1967@gmail.com. Our website is www.EQCoach4U.com.