Our Workshops


Our workshops are designed to develop cultural intelligence in individuals and groups. We provide biblical and practical tools to help people recognize and address  how cultural biases hinder authentic community and their mission. Our training is targeted toward individual Christians, Church Leaders and the greater Christian community.

Our training is also highly effective in arenas and communities beyond the church. We excel in customizing workshops, events, activities, and curriculum to suit a broad range of audiences. Please do not hesitate to inquire about the development of a unique program for your individual needs.


Overcoming Unconscious Bias:

This workshop helps Christians see each other from God’s perspective instead of man’s perspective. Through interactive experiences, relationship building, practical exercises and coaching, we equip leaders with practical tools designed to impact how they see and engage one another.  This is a highly interactive forum that brings together diverse community members for a period of engaged and deep learning.

Culture Matters:

Managing Bias to Improve Performance

This highly interactive 4-6 hour workshop is designed to help individuals and groups enhance their cultural awareness and understand the effect of unconscious bias on workplace performance. Participants draw upon research-based findings to improve their self-awareness and develop the first steps for relating and working with cultural intelligence. You’ll come away with greater understanding of others.

Personality Impact:

Using the #1 profiling system in the world (DISC BASIC), you will learn the strengths & weaknesses of your unique personality profile. You will understand yourself and those you interact with based on their personality styles and behaviors. Understanding how to manage your behavior and to bring stability to your work environment and personal relationships. This is a four to six hour workshop we conduct at your church or organization.

Bridging Generations:

Discover how the different generations interact and the keys to effectively communicate with them.  We teach you how to connect, care for, and relate to each generation. Additionally, you’ll learn how each generation was formed, their characteristics, how they relate to the community, and the most effective ways to reach each generation. This workshop will help you create inclusive and multi-generational events that reach across the ages.


What More People are Saying

“It would be easier for us to avoid this topic altogether, because when you talk about it, it gets messy, but…it’s God’s heart that we’d be One in Him.  The workshop was not a time of venting, but a time of expression that will lead to further growth. To be here as a married couple is powerful for us because we will talk about this for weeks, if not months, to come.”

Jonathan Schaeffer

Senior Pastor, C&MA Board Chairman

“I believe this workshop would be helpful for every district in the C&MA. I would love to see our national leadership participate in this workshop. We don’t do a good job of including African Americans in higher levels of leadership. I really believe this would be an eye opening workshop for our entire denomination.”

Dr. Ron Morrison

Senior Pastor at Hope Alliance Bible Church, C&MA Board of Directors Member

“As a result of the workshop, I feel that I am more prepared to go back to my college campus and start the conversations that need to happen with a better perspective. After this conference, I’m ready to approach the conversation with a spirit of righteous anger and the attitude of reconciliation.”

Anna Schaeffer

Student, University of Texas

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How Can We Help?

We are available to speak to your church or organization, in a culturally sensitive way, regarding the importance of understanding culture and its implications for effectiveness in sharing the gospel.

We understand that each organization is unique with a specific set of needs and challenges. With that in mind, our workshop and speaking format is very flexible. Contact us today to discuss how our services may benefit your church or organization.