Reginald S. Screen

This week we commemorated the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination. Many of his speeches surfaced via social media. In one of Dr. King’s speeches, he mentions the mantra that many of my Anglo brothers use: “Why can blacks do like whites? We work hard and pull ourselves up by our bootstraps.” To this mantra, Dr. King referenced the system that made it difficult for many people of color to “pull ourselves up by our bootstraps.” In fact, Dr. King referenced the impossibility of such an idea when the person owns no boots. Regarding the system that is running, Michael Emerson, author of Divided By Faith, gives a talk on his experience with the system that makes it hard for people of color to advance in America. It is my opinion that if we are going to see a significant change in ethnic relationships, white, evangelical, males will need to be awakened to the facts and get serious about the ministry of reconciliation, speak the word of reconciliation and live as an ambassador of reconciliation. Michael Emerson is a great example of someone who is living out the aforementioned. Please listen to his Chapel talk.